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Contaminated Land

Chartered surveyors work with clients and regulators to achieve cost effective solutions to contaminated land problems.   Surveyors are uniquely positioned to give high quality strategic advice to clients on the environmental aspects of property ownership and development and position this within the broader sustainability context.


Any proposal for development on brownfield land will be subject to scrutiny by the local authority before planning permission is granted. If the site is likely to affect groundwater, the Environment Agency will also be involved. These regulators expect robust assessment of the site which closely follows the guidance they have published.


Increasing pressure on land resources is leading to more developers turning to the regeneration of brownfield sites. These sites offer valuable commercial opportunities, but may also present challenges in terms of pre-planning assessment, planning conditions, regulations and liabilities. 


Stage 1 & 2 Environmental Risk Assessments


Planners and regulators require contamination issues to be addressed in order to satisfy or pre-empt planning conditions. Desktop studies (Stage 1 or preliminary risk assessments) or site investigations (Stage 2) are frequently involved.  Surveyers are able to carry out the full range of site investigations to fulfil the demands of the regulator. Both qualitative and quantitative risk assessments can be carried out and reported on. Advise and  practical recommendations facilitate efective interactions with regulator and planners.


Pre-purchase Risk and Liability Audits


Knowledge of the type and extent of any contamination and the potential cost of remediation can be vital in land negotiations and project budgeting.  Surveyors use a range of desktop and site investigation techniques to gauge the extent of environmental liabilities and to provide estimates of likely costs.


Risk Management & Remediation


Where contamination has been found, we are able to design and project manage cost effective risk management and remediation strategies. We use the latest technologies to deliver effective solutions, take into account the practical needs of the developer, satisfy the requirements of the regulator and enable the development project to progress smoothly.




The key to brownfield consultancy is up to date knowledge. Chartered surveyors are at the forefront of methodological, legislative and technical innovation

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