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Advances in technology and emerging markets open the door for new ways of understanding value in multiple sectors.  Renewable energy is becoming an increasingly viable and lucrative alternative to more traditional land use options.  This can include wind power, solar power and hydro power.     Energy storage also presents opportunities for realising valuable revue streams  over the long term  



Chartered Surveyors can offer offers landowners advice on alternative added value land use  reviewing potentially viable sites and identifying the appropriate  technologies. This can include:


Initial site review  


Background research and the creation of an evidence baseline.  This includes accessing relevant data sources, identifying specific governance structures and conducting site visits.


Advice on renewable energy solutions


Tailored to suit a site’s specific objectives and on-site energy uses.


Liaise with  stakeholders:


There will be a number of interested parties and stakeholders that will have a direct and indirect impact on the viability of any renewable energy installations proposed.  Sustain surveying places a significant value on not only maintaining the integrity of local communities but also enhancing them.  We will therefore engage with the community in the early stages of the project and throughout.  Other stakeholders  may include distribution network operators, renewable suppliers and developers as well as  local authorities.


Preparation of planning applications – undertaking appropriate sustainability and  environmental surveys.


Coordinate installation and maintenance works.


Management of reinstatement after the scheme’s economic lifespan.

Advice on terms for options and lease agreements.

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