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The world is rapidly changing and more interconnected. Sustainability has emerged as one of the 21st Century's most important issues and encompasses nothing less than the complex way that humanity interacts with our environment. As a professional group Chartered Surveyors are at the absolute vanguard of helping to create a sustainable future. 


Sustain Surveying's principle mission is to catalyse a transition towards sustainability within the urban, rural and oceanic  built environments.  This transition is contextualised within the dual realities of limited and diminishing resources and rapid technological advancement.


Sustain Surveying is a future orientated, multidisciplinary chartered surveying practice. The practice is underpinned by  the  principles of whole systems, complexity and life cycle thinking which are essential for understanding and implementing sustainability.  This does not present a rigid methodological approach but instead provides flexibility and adaptability to help embed sustainability in multiple areas.


Maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards, drawing on the  RICS methodologies,   and combining this with twenty years of unique insight into sustainability  from the firms founder, Sustain Surveying   provides guidance on embedding sustainability across the built environment.

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