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 Dr Gregory Borne

  BSc (Hons) MSc PHD MRICS MIEnvSc CEnv

I have been deeply fascinated by the concept of sustainable development for over twenty years and my life in this time has been profoundly impacted by it both personally and professionally.


I have   developed a unique insight into many different aspects of sustainability from the theoretical, political, policy and practical perspectives.  I have been fortunate enough to  work with and  advise international, national and local government as well as NGOs and business. I am currently writing my fifth book that outlines how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can be implemented  within local communities. 

The  Sustainable Development Goals have  focused attention on how humanity can create solutions to the many challenges we face.  Sustain Surveying is a direct response to a need to embed sustainable development within the built environment. Sustainability solutions will only be achieved by adopting an integrated whole systems approach. 


As  well as a Chartered Surveyor I am also a member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences and a Chartered Environmentalist.  If you are interested in some of the other areas of my work please click this link.



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