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Organisational Change 

Humanitys interaction with the environment is mediated through organisations and institutions.  Organsiations take many shapes and sizes, exist for many different purposes and interact intenally and externally in complex and often opaque ways. 

What is increasingly clear and evidanced  is that organisations are chagning in response to future sustainability imperatvies. Whether these are financial, regulatory, legislative demands or moral and ethical imperatives organisations across sectors are increasingly focused on integrating sustainability into principles and strategic planning. 

With that in mind there is a bewildering array of academic literature, management  and leadership techniques and tools and strategies aimed at effectively 

Dr Borne has been resarching, teaching, writting and advising on orgnaisaitonal change in relation to sustainable devleopment for 20 years.  This has included teh United Nations, local government, business and the third sector. 

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